Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about why you need a website for your business

Q. Do I need a website?

A. Yes. Today more and more people initially search for businesses that can provide them a service or product online. If you have no website then people may not be able to find you!

Q. Advantages of having a website?

A. Today people do not trust a business without a website. Having a good website instantly boosts your credibility as a legitimate business. Which in turn will bring more clients to your door.

Q. What is the best media to advertise my business on?

A. It’s the internet. If you have a website then you can provide details about your business and showcase all your products and services 24/7 for free.

Q. What will the website cost?

A. The cost includes designing and building a website with additional costs for the website hosting and domain name. A simple website cost can be very nominal. Contact us for a No Obligation Quote Today!

Q. How quickly can I have a website?

A. We can put up a simple website within a couple of days, but a typical website will take up to 2 weeks.

Q. Can I build my own website?

A. Yes, but do you have the time to learn the skills required to program, design and optimise a website? Or do you want to run your business and make money.

Q. Can my family or friends with some computing knowledge build my website?

A. Most probably, but do they have the time or experience to do so? So leave it to us and get online quickly with a professional looking website.

If you have any additional questions or want to begin building your new website then contact us today!